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What you have read this comic?
with a long series of comic short but very interesting.
comic that tells about a young man named Doshiro japan at the age of 3 years, Doshiro brought his father to the poor in the state of Nevada, Americans, and raised there. 12 years later he successfully found and returned to the place her mother in Japan. But in fact he has become a samurai! Because of this attitude and appearance, just arrived in Japan, Doshiro already ditantang fight. even the first day of school, he was the civilian diincar school!
He was always involved problems wherever he is and always involve friends.
For example, when Doshiro, Kensuke, dkk so requested by the group of shops with the inconvenience of security issues ... Not so ordinary night guards, they even punish some street geng! But they will not give up just so, even Doshiro had involved problems with the yakuza! but all problems and perseturuan always be easily resolved by Doshiro et al.
Comics is very interesting, as told about friendship but also Doshiro dkk japan culture, especially a samurai.

Make you have not read the comic this is one of the info I need to reference you made!
Or you are interested and want to read this comic online?
You can read through the link below:

(reading d
oshiro de gozaru)

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