The anime is a comedy performed by Isono family, and it is based on the comic strip "Sazae-san" drawn by Haegawa Machiko. The comic strip has been in Asahi Shinbun from 1949 to 1974.

Sazae-san is a comic published on 22 April 1946, in japan, in print in a local daily called Fukunichi Shinbun and komikus written by a woman named Machiko Hasegawa, and this comic is taken over by the Asahi Shinbun, Tokyo, as this then Machiko also decided Hijrah from Kyushu to Tokyo, he stopped writing new comic "sazae-san" on 21 February 1974. Almost all people know japan Comics "sazae-san", because this comic, including as one of the oldest and the oldest comic ever published.

Figure this is a major comic figure Sazae Isono / Sazae-san, in the comic series 1 and 2, be told about concerns Sazae mother called fune Isono, he is concerned to see that behavior Sazae haphazard and does not intend looking for a husband, therefore the request fune on the assistance of a mak-comblang to find a mate for sazae.Singkat words, sazae eventually married Masuo Fugata, and has one child named Tarao Fugata regular or called Tara-chan. there are many figures that appear in this comic, like her father sazae called Namihei Isono, brother sazae named Katsuo daughter and sister who called Wakame, Neighbors Isasaka they called, the husband is the author of a novel, his wife is a friend fune Isono sedari of SMA, Namihei cousin, Norisuke Namino, Taiko called his wife and their children aged one year, Taiko.

unique names of the characters in this comic is all taken from the "Sea", such as name Isono, Fuguta and Namino: Iso in japan means beach, Fugu Fish kembung means and means Nami laut.Masuo wave comes from a word that means fish Masu fresh water, means that the ship fune, Tara means cod, Namihei taken from the word "Nami" means wave, Katsuo means a kind of tuna, Wakame means plants are in the bottom of the sea dihidangkan along with the usual miso soup, Norisuke - Nori means grass sea, usually used to conceal sushi, Taiko name comes from a similar fish (Kerapu), and means Ikura salmon roe. Machiko recognize that comics "sazae-san is inspired when he is motoring along the coast.

Comic "Sazae-san" was published for almost 28 years, Sazae always portrayed age 27 years, while her husband was 28 years old, his father and mother aged 54 and described 48 years, and brothers Sazae aged around 11 and 7 years.

Comics always have this topic, at the beginning of Sazae described as a woman who is not considering appearance, slightly incompetent, not pretty, and seemed giddy, he was never interested in wearing kimono, let alone dress up to attract attention of potential future husband, Hasegawa own -- -the author, also had to think about this, he only want to reflect on her family japan modern to post-world war II, Isono clan / Fugata deems figures can represent the family. Sazae woman who is very liberal, lots of plot-plot describes how the beginning of this very Sazae "Bossy" against the husband, Sazae latter figure also represented a little feminist, engaged by some of the usual sorority. Read the comic "sazae-san" is the one experience that interesting, considering I really like reading the manga, the comics we see the japan will be post-world war II to the life of the community is japan a while, and so on. and invited to see the world from a woman japan nan simple as sazae-san.

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