Light Yagami

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Light Yagami
Death Note character

Light Yagami or Kira as he appears in the manga
(Chapter 1 : Boredom)
First appearance Chapter 1 : Boredom in
1st Volume, Boredom
Last appearance Chapter 107 : Curtain in
12th Volume, Finis
Created by Tsugumi Ohba
Takeshi Obata
Voiced by Mamoru Miyano
Brad Swaile (English)
Tatsuya Fujiwara (Live Action)
Aliases Kira
L the Second
Light Asahi
Age 17 in beginning,
23 at death
Gender Male
Species Human
Date of birth February 28, 1986
Date of death January 28, 2010
Nationality Japanese
Occupation High school student (Vol. 1-3)
University student (Vol. 3)
Police Detective (Vol. 7-12)
Known relatives Soichiro Yagami (father)
Sachiko Yagami (mother)
Sayu Yagami (younger sister)
Blood type A
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Light's Family,

Victims of Light,

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